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Qwoffices offers training and webinars. You can order one class or a series of classes for you or your company. We also offer in-house training options for those companies that require face-to-face services. Keep in mind that we are located in Philadelphia, PA and travel is a part of the fee for face-to-face options when the booking location is outside of Philadelphia.

For most of our clients the online options work just fine. If there is a time when interaction is needed, we are happy to host webinars for your company based on your requirements. We prepare all documents and provide them to you and your workers ahead of time. We also offer testing and class confirmation documentation when requested. We have a very robust system which allows companies to track and customize their employee experience. For a test drive of a specific option, please contact our customer service department.

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Personal One-On-One Training

Many companies and non-profits such (recreation centers, PAL, etc.) have people or employees that need to be trained to use an array of technological items. Qwoffices can train people to use many types of software packages and equipment packages. These courses can be given at your business location or online. Qwoffices can also create hybrid training sessions that use both face to face and online options. A complete curriculum and detailed itinerary will be given prior to the classes. We can even create a lessons and training material based on your company’s flow of information.

The prerequisites that will be required are different for every session. However, for online classes the minimum requirements are online access and a computer. For in-house training a location to fit your employees and a projector will be needed. The above items are just the bare minimum. When we develop your training program, we will discuss setup and outcomes to ensure greatest results.

For all training, we prepare the training materials and exams (if requested). If the client uses the online option, Qwoffices can setup up group or individual webinars. The setup will be based on the clients requirements.

If you are interested in setting up a training program please click on our services section and request a quote.

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