What is website maintenance?

Website maintenance is the process of maintaining or preserving your site. Our company will make changes to your site based on your level of service. Items like image and text changes or search engine modifications will be done under your maintenance agreement.

Why do I need it?

Keep in mind, the internet is ever changing, so things like search engine updates and technology integrations are items that may require attention. You may also need to add new information or imagery which helps to keep your business relevant.

We offer six levels of maintenance:

  1. Basic Maintenance - 3 changes per month for $39.95
  2. Standard Maintenance - 5 changes per month for $59.95
  3. Advanced Maintenance - 10 changes per month for $79.95
  4. Extreme Maintenance - 15 changes per month for $89.95
  5. Unlimited Maintenance - unlimited changes per month for $250.00
  6. Programming Maintenance - unlimited plus one programming task (.i.e JavaScript, PHP, integration) per month for $420

Quadjam has a project management system where our clients are able to login and request their monthly updates. All actions are tracked and updates are sent in a timely fashion. Upon signing a maintenance agreement, you will receive your project login. You can then login to your account and request an update. A designer or programmer will be assigned to the task. Once the task is completed, you will receive an e-mail update. Keep in mind, that our maintenance contracts have a three month minimum.

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