The importance of a good team

Qwoffices Team Building

Building the team

Every company needs a crackpot team to ensure success. The problem with this concept is that it takes time and money to build this kind of team. For most companies, the human resources department is tasked with finding a candidate for an open position. The job description and qualifications are drawn up and a posting is then put out for potential candidates to see. Once the posting is out, it hopefully begins to attract some qualified individuals. As the resume’s and cover letters come in, the human resources team begins to compile a contenders list. Now many company’s use an applicant tracking systems to filter their candidates which in essence leaves out a lot of great candidates. The reality is that you are not getting the best of the best but the best the computer shows you. Here at Qwoffices we look closely at our applicants and our human resources team does their job. We review every resume that comes in to ensure that we find top notch people. Now let’s say that a company is okay with their applicant tracking systems. Well, that’s just the beginning of team building. You now have to go through the process of W4’s, paperwork, and applicable overhead needed to hire this employee. With insurance, employee supplies and wages, the company now has put a lot of money into this team member. Remember that no work has taken place. Eventually, the worker will begin to work for your company. However, the average worker stays on a job less than five years. This means that a company who has put all of their money into this new hire has really just prepared him or her to be successful at their new job. Here at Qwoffices we have a different option.
We train and select the best workers for our clients. All they have to do is pay the hourly, weekly, or monthly rate. There is no overhead for the client at all. The client orders what they need and only pay for that. Maybe they have a lot of work four months out of the year and the rest they only need someone part time. We can accommodate this. There are no worries about layoffs or rehiring because we do it all for you. The beauty is that our clients can even select specific workers after they get to know them. Our service is really self-service. Qwoffices helps you build a team that is all yours and on your own terms. As a business owner there is nothing better than saving money and increasing your bottom line. Working with Qwoffices does just that.

Why is all of this important?

Simply said, “The better your team is, the more your company can produce.” A crackpot team can help a company to rise to higher levels of success. When you have key people in key positions that can deliver, your company is ahead of the pack. Why, because a good team helps you to be prepared and ahead of the competition. Qwofffices can help you to build that coveted team while helping you to understand the importance of a good team.

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