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Everywhere you search these days all you read about is global communication. Why is this so important? How can global communication help me and my business? These are questions that many business owners ask. Well, the answers to these questions are not so simple and then again they are very simple. First let’s talk about the definition of global communication. By definition the term global communication means communicating across international borders. In essence, global communication should make the world feel smaller. You can connect with a person in Japan while living in Philadelphia. But, what does this mean for your business? For most companies it means that your customer base can grow exponentially. You are no longer relegated to your local community. That is the simple part. However, what is more complicated is reaching this global market. In the 2015 market, Google holds the key to this connection along with some social media sites. Your business must understand how to rank in the search engines and promote properly within the social atmosphere. One of the most important items you must master is called SEO which stands for search engine optimization. This is the process of setting focus keywords and metadata along with your content for search engines to index and rank. If you want to learn more about search engine optimization click here.

Once your search engine optimization is completed, you can then submit your site to the search engines you choose. The hope is that you have done  enough SEO to increase your sites ranking in the search engines so that people can find you. Since the search engines are global, if you’ve done your job, you’ve taken one of the first steps into global communication. Hopefully, people from all around the globe will log onto your site and engage you after finding you on the search engines. There is also another place that you can expand your market and it’s called social media. Like the search engines, social media sites allow you to connect with people from all over the world. They can be very useful when trying to expand your customer base. For information on social media click here. These sites allow you to run ads, respond to posts, and even add images or videos that help others to get to know your company without ever physically visiting it. Taking the time learn a little about search engines and social media will help you to foray into the world of global communication.

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