Qwoffices, is a division of Quadjam Enterprises Inc.

Established in 2000 – Pennsylvania.

Qwoffices Brochure

About Us

The Structure

What is very special about the structure of this business is the consistent professional development and training along with the core network. Qwoffices does not allow large amounts of virtual assistants to sign up and work for them. They have a core group of people who specialize in the array of services they provide. Each employee must at minimum specialize in two or more services. The employees all have backup or co-employees. When working with the company, you could work with anyone including Mrs. Williams herself. If there is an emergency with an employee, the client is not affected. The backup is expected to step-in and know everything that has gone on thus far. On a monthly basis, the employees are expected to update their skill sets by attending mandatory and voluntary professional developments. It is important to the company that their virtual assistants are the best of the best. To this end, the company provides the virtual assistants with the support needed to add certifications or update current skills. Qwoffices has high expectations because they want to exceed the client’s expectations.

The Difference

Qwoffices specializes in services such as project management, employee maintenance, website design and development among other things. All members have an extensive business background. However, what makes us different is our co-virtual assistant model. Essentially, the client gets guaranteed service stability with a dual knowledge base. Each service we take on has a backup, (co-assistant), like a hard drive. Not only do we work constantly to eliminate stalls in the service process; we also take on the added responsibility of securing you and your data. We do background and reference checks. Our clients are our top priority. We want our clients to know that Qwoffices will do everything in our power to make you feel secure. That’s why you will find that we will always go that extra mile.

” We recognize the importance of quality, consistency and reliability. These traits are inherent in everything we do. ”


The owner of this amazing company comes with an even more amazing ascent of experience, skills, dedication and hard work. From her beginnings attending school in the evenings in order to earn her A.A. in programming, to her earning an M.A. in IT Management. The owner of Qwoffices has worked extremely hard and has dedicated her life in the pursuit of bringing clients great skills as well as outstanding customer service thru understanding the clients’ needs and business essentials. After earning her A.A. in programming, she pursued a company which was in need of her particular skill sets. After working there and quickly moving up within the company ranks, (faster than most have), she decided that another degree in a somewhat opposite direction would also be to her benefit, in her on-going mission to owning a company. Having gathered a ton of certifications and awards within her field, she changed lanes and attacked another degree, this time in Education.


While working as a head caseworker for the state, she sought out a 2nd degree. This time it was a B.A. in Educational Studies. Another piece of her overall aim to create a business model, which she always envisioned…With this degree, it allowed her the chance to do something amazing! A teaching opportunity had presented itself and with it the shot to do something for young minds that she had done throughout her career for adults, which was teach her experience and expertise to the future of the technological world. How could she pass up such a challenge? The teaching career was incredible, but she wasn’t done yet. There was yet another piece to the puzzle, in her on-going mission to run one of the best businesses. She obtained another advanced degree. This time an M.B.A. in IT Management. Her time teaching and molding young minds, gave her another component to the saga. She obtained her Masters in IT Management and also said goodbye to her students, (which was very difficult to do, but the political climate within the vocation made it necessary).

With everything falling into motion, she was now able to finally create Qwoffices. With the relationships built over those years, it was now the right time and circumstance to begin. Qwoffices is a virtual services company which specializes in website services, project management, basic virtual services, and training. This is what she envisioned years ago and now can bring to fruition with a considerable amount of credentials, resources and the respect and admiration of the professional colleagues she’s acquired thru-out her long journey. Come see what Qwoffices is all about.


Qwoffice’s takes the commitment to our customer’s very seriously. Through effective communication and mandatory punctuality our employees build a level of trust that most companies find invaluable. Our loyal and experienced employees help our clients to run their businesses and personal lives more efficiently. We believe that it is our duty to assist our clients while helping to move them toward success. This is why our clients find that our slogan truly fits us. We do provide quality work by utilizing dependable professionals.


As a company we are very versatile. Some of our clients call us at a moment’s notice. They may need someone for a day, week, month, or even a year and we can accommodate them easily. What the clients love most of all is our customer service training system that we have in place. We put all of our employees and contractors through an intensive customer service workshop. Every single employee and contractor must pass the workshop in order to continue on with the company. In addition to the workshop, Qwoffices also offers required and voluntary professional development classes. This ensures that the virtual assistant that is assigned to your case is not only professional, but well trained and up-to-date on their skill sets. What is more important to our clients is the bottom line and our prices are extremely competitive. Qwoffices works hard to offer the best services and prices in the industry.


Quality work delivered by dependable people is something we’ve built our business on. It is important that customers feel as if we put them first and give them the best services we have to offer. We are so thorough at what we do that our long time customers continually recommend us which keeps us growing while enhancing our skill sets.